5 Essentials for Back-to-School & Fall!

Fall time is one of the greatest times of the year! There are pumpkins, sweatshirts, haunted houses, and leaves. However...with the good, there's the bad. LIKE SCHOOL. Even though neither one of us have been in school for awhile, it's probably just as bad. We figured some of our tips would help you guys go back to school or just enjoy your fall a little more.



Seriously…who doesn’t love candles? We recently got this Flannel scented candle from Bath & Body Works (#NotSpon but girl, if you have a connection to B&BW, we’ll take it) and we love it! It’s a great mixture of flannels and fall. Go out and stock up on some candles to keep you set for the fall and every time you’re home light oneand it’ll make your day so much better, we promise. Our favorite candles of all time are the Signature Collection Soy candles from Target!


2. Combat your way through school with these.

Combat boots are one of our favorite accessories. They’re perfect with just about any fall clothing and they’re really warm. Usually you can get them for decent prices, too! The ones up above are both Steve Madden.

3. Plan your life!

Okay, you need to plan your life out…ESPECIALLY if you’re in school. There will definitely be future planning posts on here, but a great app we like to use is called PlannerPlus (again…#NotSpon). It’s a good way we like to organize our days with videos and website stuff. You can get it on your mobile device, but we like to have it on our iPad. There are a ton of other planner apps if you don’t like this one!

If you like planning, but you don’t prefer technology…there are really awesome planners everywhere that you can buy. Planning is awesome!

4. Workspace that you can work.

Your workspace should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. If anything else, make sure your workspace is the best place in your house. This is ours and it sits in a perfect corner of our bedroom. We plan, edit, organize, pay bills, blog, edit, surf the Internet, watch videos, and did I mention edit? We spend a ton of time in this workspace. If you work from home ESPECIALLY make this space your own!

5. You'll have your skin forever, so make it good.

We love skin care. There’s nothing better than crawling into bed with a previously washed, exfoliated, treated, and moisturized face. These are the products we use (#NoneAreSpon). Burt’s Bees has really great and gentle skin products. We use Neutrogena for a spot treatment, and Lancôme has amazing moisturizers for all times of the day. These all vary in price, but we can do more about skin care if you guys are interested!



Sarah & Rachel